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Should polygamy be legalized?   Canadian government study says yes.

Turn your family into a "town" and vote yourself in as mayor

Two crackdowns on polygamy misfired--the Short Creek raid, and the Yearning for Zion raid

The arrest and trial of Warren Jeffs
"One item that is liable to cause much consternation and even loss of faith in Jeffs' leadership was rarely reported in the media: When Jeffs was arrested, he was wearing an apparently very comfortable pair of shorts and white T-shirt. One of his wives who accompanied him was dressed in slacks. Both asked to be able to change into their regular religious clothes before being photographed. Members of the FLDS are required to wear white religious undergarments and are totally covered except for their hands and head. This must cause considerable discomfort in hot weather."  Source

How Colorado City created religious police to enforce the Prophet's will

Why some sects are like the Mafia--only trafficking in wives